In the name of all the women gathered in your presence, the Incense is being light, representing our gratefulness, our adoration offered to the Holy Trinity, the most transcendent divine Family, the supreme source of all our human families.

Song Our Incense full of perfume climbs up to your Presence, expressing our faithful adoration burning day and night.

Now and forever, we offer to you our Father, to your beloved Son and to the Holy Spirit, all our life and our mission among our sisters the suffering women…

We offer Incense to Mary from whom your Son was born. She is our merciful Mother, always present among us, particularly in the unhappy situations as she did at-the Cana wedding.

Psalm: Being the voice of all women who are oppressed and mal-treated on all over the world, we pray God with Psalm 141 (14 2) Lord, you are my refuge With all my voice I cry out to the Lord To tell my distress, my suffering, I humbly ask for God’s goodness May God liberate me from oppression May you help me hope in you and give me a share with your chosen ones in the land of the living?

Lecture: St. John: Miracle in Cana. Speaker: Following Mary, we Asian women, are yearning to bring the love of Jesus to those who are out of wine, out of joy and hope.

Prayer of Dedication (Modification from the poem of Fr. Joseph Doan,

Prayer of each country.

Let us rejoice in the compassion of Christ, who came to free humankind from the slavery of corruption and to give us the freedom of the children of God. Trusting in this divine compassion — we plead

song: Ave Maria

R/ Concluding Song

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