body and sexuality coverProgram:

I. Opening Prayer by Julia Ong

Dear God,
We thank you for this women’s space.
We thank you for women’s word.
Stretch our imaginations.
Raise our voices.
Expand our hearts.
To love more and more like you.
Reading of John 20 (poem by Julia Ong, ijs)

II. Introducing the Book/Sharing of Editor’s Experiences:
Andrea Lizares Si – Celebrating Asian Feminist Catholic Sexuality
Agnes M. Brazal – Representation – Struggles and Politics (the
World Behind the Book)

III. Book Reviews: Review by Kwok Pui Lan (read by Sharon A. Bong)
Review by Lieve Troch

IV. Distribution of Books to EWA II Authors V. Closing Remarks by EWA Coordinator: Evelyn Monteiro, sc

VI. Selling of books/celebration

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