Today’s Women
Born yesterday
Dealing with tomorrow
Not yet where we are going
But not still where we were
– Adrienne Rich


She who holds the Universe in Her womb source of all creative energies
Maha Devi who conceives
and bears and nourishes
all that exists­­-
She is the ghanibuti
the massed condensed power of energy;
She is the sphurana
the power that bourgeons forth into action;
She is the purest consciousness and bliss,
inherent in the manifestation of all being.

Some say that there are many worlds
each ruled by a goddess or god,
but that there is just One Great Mother,
the Jagad Amba, the Makara,
Shakti of all existence,
She to whom even the gods bow down
in reverent worship and respect
anxious even for the dust of Her feet
to touch their waiting heads-
for it is Shakti who is the ultimate source,
the infinite Cosmic Energy of all that occurs,
Maha Devi of the thousand petalled lotus

(The Goddess who holds the entire universe in her womb, manifests her existence in the many Goddess images of the land of India. Knowledge of Shakti, literally power, occurs primarily in the Tantric texts. As cited in Merlin Stone, Ancient Mirrors of Womanhood, Boston: Beacon Press, 1984, pp216-17.)

Flame Spirit Dancing

Flame-Dancing Spirit, come
Sweep us off our feet and dance
us through our day
Surprise us with your rhythms,
Dare us try new steps, explore
new patterns and new partnerships
Release us from old routines
To swing in abandon joy and
fearful adventure
And in the intervals
Rest us in your still center…Amen.

A Blessing for Women

In blessing our foreheads
We reclaim the power of reason

In blessing our eyes
We reclaim the power of vision
To see clearly the forces
Of life and death in our midst

In blessing our lips
We reclaim the power to speak
As well as the power
To choose not to speak

In blessing our feet
We claim the power to walk the path
Of our courageous foremothers
And when necessary to forge new paths

In blessing each other
We reclaim the power that rests collectively
In our shared struggle as women

Except for the poem by Adrienne Rich, the other poems and prayers in this liturgy are by Kochurani Abraham.

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