January 21, 2007

Plenary A: Dr Antoinette Gutzler, MM ‘Shadow Lives/ Public Faces: Women, Marriage and Family Life in Taiwan’
Plenary B: Dr Angela Wong Wai Ching; ‘Love Not Only Your Kin, Parent Not Only Your Children: A Challenge to Building Alternative Families in Asia’

January 22, 2007

Plenary C. Dr Astrid Gajiwala, ‘Celebrating Differences: Inter-Faith Families in Dialogue’


Family and Feminism

Jeane C. Peracullo, ‘A Feminist Reclaiming of the Mother’s Womb: Beyond Pro-Life/ Pro-Choice Rhetoric on the Body, Subjectivity and Reproduction Control’ (Philippines)

Kochurani Abraham, ‘The 21 st Century Challenge to Marriage and Family Life: Redefining Gender Relations and Power Equations’ (India)

Women, Family and Nation-State

Almas Emmanuel, ‘Re-imagining Women, Marriage and Family Life in Pakistan: A 21″ Century Theological Challenge’ (Pakistan)
Van Lizar Aung, ‘Country Paper on Myanmar’s Women’s Situation’ (Myanmar)

Women, Hermeneutics and Spirituality

Kristine Meneses, ‘Deborah Disclosed: Wife of Lapidot or Fiery -Lady’ (Philippines)
Jong Rye Gratia Song, ‘Christians’ Family and Spirituality’ (Korea)
Re-imagining Women, Marriage and Family Life in Asia: A 21st Century Theological Challenge,

January 23, 2007

Women, Family and Ethics

Metti A., “‘In Joys and Sorrows…”: Ethical Issues Raised by HIV/ AIDS within Catholic Families’ (India)

Pushpa Joseph, ‘Impact of Migration on Women’s Roles in Family: A Theological Challenge’

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