Hi EWA 4 All,

Thank you all for all your contributions during the EWA-4 meetings in BKK. It was pleasure meeting you all and in particular some of you who have played a very effective, tremendous influencial but very cool headed behaviour. There is to learn from everywhere and from everyone. That is the chance I take from all these sort of conferences and meetings. This time I met some very notable and impressive people at the meeting. Thanks you all. You are my strength in my human rights and Justice-Peace work, as I said to you while amongst you.

I will write to all later. Please pray that Fr. Timm may come back. Things are moving but very slow due to some Jamaat, the Inslaim fundamentalists sitting at the Bangladesh Secretariat. We have to fight always against the evils in everywhere.

Thanks a lot to each and everyone for your support for our justice,peace and human rights work.

With prayers and in solidarity,


Thank you for all these photos Andrea and to our members who made these possible. By the looks of it, it was a real success for the following reasons: it was an opportunity that brought some of our Asean women together and share their journey to one another; secondly, there was real bonding, the warmth was there, and it could be seen and felt in these few photos; thirdly, I felt that the content of the presentations where really rich, nurturing and inspiring. I missed this event and the group but I hope I will get the chance to meet you one of these days and or in the near future. They say opportunity knocks once but that is a perception of some. I believe that God will always work it out when it’s the right time.
Suffice it to say that you were really in my prayers. I visualize each one of you – being guided by the One who listens with compassion and mercy- the Prince of Peace, Himself!

We had a very good visit from our Provincial Delegate. I realized the reason why the Lord wanted me here. This was a cluster where our members from Jolo community were to take part. Listening to their sharings on their current realities, we felt the need to empathize with them and to get involve, especially in their formation. So again the task lies on the Regional Formator for Mindanao and the cluster Chair as well as the nearest community, that is Zamboanga. Please continue praying for me. As you can see Jolo is a difficult place, but if God allows people to exist and and remain faithful to Him regardless of their limitations, then He is saying something to us, isn’t it?

Again, as I congratulate each one who were blessed to participate in EWA4 and pray that EWA will grow because it’s making a difference in our church for women. Andrea, you are a jewel – a very precious one as all the rests are also precious gems. I will always be one with you and will always look forward to meet you.

One in the journey –
Baby Valmonte, ocds

Hello friends,
This is shalini from India coming your way.. Hope all of you had a safe journey back home. Last night I was watching some of the photographs and video clippings which I had taken during EWA IV. Memories of our time together is very fresh in my mind and heart. It was wonderful indeed to be with all of you and to experience our sisterly bond in many ways. Thanks to each one of you for making EWA IV a memorable one. Tomorrow I will be sharing about EWA IV to the staff of Vidyajyoti college of theology.
Hope to maintain the sisterhood that we have experienced at the conference for a long time to come.

A special word of thanks to the former CT and all good wishes and prayers to the new team. may God bless you all.
love, shalini

Dear Andrea,
Thanks for your message and the great information re the conference. Unfortunately I was not able to be with you all because I was still in the south working. Nevertheless I am so happy to hear that things went off very well. Now I am reading bits and pieces from variour people who shared through the mails.
May God bless you and the new committee as well as all those who participated at the conference in HuaHin. My commitment in the school is heavy going. At the moment I am busy setting up the English exam papers for Grade 1 to Grade 10. This will be the final exams for the students for their first semester which will take place at the end of this month. Of course, I don’t teach all those Grades. The English teachers have written some questions for the exams, but I have to prove them and re-write them for some. Please pray for me too. I need much pray !!! I will also pray for you as well.
With God’s blessings,
Petra Likhittam

My dearest sister Sharon Bong,

Thank you very much for your nice letter and I was glad to meet you in Hua Hin. I do appreciate to your capability for coordinating a very solid team. I like to be in an organization who the board know about “feminst leaderhip” and promoting democratic sphere between the member. Thank you also for Evelyn, Agnes, Andrea, Astrid, Virginia, Nonie, Annette, all of you have shown us how your cooperative work, it was a wonderful job. Congregulation for New Team leaded by Judette. I am sorry I cannot participate in your team, because I still have duty as Asia Coordinator of EATWOT until 2011. I have to be aware that my energy litle by little go away from me, so I have to hand over to the young generation. But I promise that I’ll always support EWA as far as can and I’ll participate in our periodically EWA theological reflection. I am sure through this struggle, we can change the Catholic Church, started from change myself and our community. For me doing
theology together with Asiam women as community, have healed my “burn-out” as women rights defender in Indonesia. I am sure that doing theology is a tool to sustain and prolong our breath to stuggle for human liberation, which need to support by long…long…long breath.

All dear sister in EWA, let us joint hand and unite us in our pluralism.We have different way of thinking, different culture, different attitude, different language, different habit, different ideology, different perspective, etc., but we can search our “red line” that unite us to become solidarity. This is our reality as Asian Women. Sekian…. terima kasih

Salam damai……

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