Toward an Asian Feminist Theology of Human Connectivity

Archdiocesan Pastoral Centre,  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 6-9 November 2011


5 November 2011 (Saturday)

17.00               Arrival of Participants and Registration

18.00               Liturgy (Eucharist for Sunday)

19.00               DINNER

Informal introduction of participants


6 November 2011 (Sunday)

7.00-8.00         Breakfast

8.00-8.30         Welcome Address and Presentation of EWA/Programme:  Judette Gallares (EWA Coordinator)

8.30-9.10         Opening Ritual

9.15-10.00       Plenary ATake Back the Tech! Take Control of Technology for Women’s Rights

Jac SM Kee (Malaysia)

10:00-10:30    Open Forum

10.30-11.00     TEA BREAK

11.00-11.45     Plenary BFrom Cyberchurch to Faith Tweets: Religion 2.0 on the Rise?

                                     Pauline Cheong  (U.S. – Singapore)

11.45-12:15     Open Forum

12:15-12:30    Reflection/Journaling

12.30-14.30     LUNCH




14.30-14.45     Shibashi

14:45-14:55     Introduction to the afternoon programme

14.55-15.15     A Spirituality for an IT Age

Amy Daniel  (Singapore)

15:15-15:20     Reflective time

15:20-15:40     Spiritual Praxis through Photography: Towards an Authentic Media Behavior

Fu Lan Yap (Indonesia)

15:40-15:45     Reflective time

15:45-16:05     The ‘Atithi’ who Stayed: Cyberspace in the Family

Astrid Gajiwala Lobo (India)

16:05-16:30     Q&A

16:30-17:00     TEA BREAK

17:00-17:45     Reflection/Journaling

Round-Table Discussion with the day’s paper presenters

17:45-18:30     Evening Prayer / Meditation on the day

19.00-20.00     DINNER


7 November 2011 (Monday)

7.00-8.00         Breakfast

8.00-8.30         Morning Ritual/Centering Prayer

8.30-8.45         Introduction to the Day


8:45-9:05        For Better or Worse: Migrant Women and Communication Technology

Gemma Cruz (Philippines-Australia)

9:05-9:10         Reflective time

9:10-9:30         Just Relations in the Context of Internet Use by High School Girls

Flora Carandang (Philipines)

9:30-9:35         Reflective time

9:35-9:55         The Impact of Mobile Phones on Women’s Identity: Theological Perspective

Prasuna Gnana (India)

9:55-10.00       Reflective time

10.00-10.30     TEA BREAK

10.30-10.50    A Narrative and Socio-Rhetorical Analysis on Judges 4.17-24 in Relation to                      the “Terrain” of Twitter and Facebook

                                    Kristine Meneses (Philippines)

10.50-10.55     Reflective time

10:55-12:00     Q&A

12:00-14:30     LUNCH





14.30-14.15     Shibashi

14:45-14:55     Introduction to the afternoon programme: (Moderator)

14:55-15:15     Sacralizing Time and Space: Disciple SFX of Malaysia

Sharon A. Bong (Malaysia)

15:15-15:20     Reflective time

15:20-15:40     Cyber Space: A Call to Create Space for the Emerging  New Consciousness

Margaret Gonsalves (India)

15:40-15:45     Reflective time

15:45-16:05     Resistance/Collusion with Masculinist-Capitalist Fantasies? Japanese and

                      Filipino Women in the Cyber-Terrain”

Jeane Peracullo (Philippines)

16:05-16:10     Reflective time

16:10-16:30     Q&A

16:30-17:00     TEA BREAK

17:00-17:45     Round-Table Discussion

17:45-18:30     Evening Prayer / Meditation on the day

19:00-20:00     DINNER

20:00-21:00     EWA IV BOOK LAUNCH : Astrid Lobo Gajiwala and Judette Gallares


8 November 2011 (Tuesday)

6:45-7:30         Breakfast

8.00-8.45         SKYPE PRESENTATIONS

                      1) Digital Revolution― Creating a Flat World for Asian Women!

Virginia Saldanha (India)

                      2) Women in Cyberspace:A New Key to Emancipatory  Politics of Location

Kochurani Abraham (India)

                      3)  Spirited Cyborgs

Agnes Brazal (Philippines)


8:45-10:00       Q&A with Skype Presenters

10:00-10:30     TEA BREAK



10:30-10:45     Introduction to the Day

10:45-11:05     Technology, Gender & Empowerment

Shirley Soh (Singapore)

11:05-11:10     Reflective time

11:10-11:30     Theological-Ethical Challenges of Call-Center Jobs

Jennifer Villagonzalo (Philippines)

11:30-11:35     Reflective Time

11:35-11:55     Q&A

12:00-14:30     LUNCH



14:30-14:45     Shibashi

14:45-16:30     Open Forum with the Sisters of Islam

16:30-17:00     TEA BREAK

17.00-17.30     Reflection/Journaling

17.30-18:30     Round Table Discussion

19:00-20:00     DINNER

20:00-21:30     CULTURAL EVENING

9 November 2011 (Wednesday)

7.00-8.00         Breakfast

8.00-8.15         Introduction to the Day

9.15-10.00       Welcome and Conversation with New Ph.D. graduates

10.00-10.30     TEA BREAK

10.30-11.00     Reflective Time on EWA V

Sharing of Evaluative Comments

11.00-11.15     Synthesis and Thanks

11.15-12.15     Concluding  Eucharist:  Fr. Clarence Dass, presider

12.30-2.00       LUNCH

Afternoon Session

Business meeting for past EWA participants

Election of Coordinating Team

Meeting and Dinner of Past and Present Coordinating Team Members

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