by Julia Ong, Singapore

Of faith and fidelity
Stood by the cross,
Stood at the Hour,
Stood till the end.
Stayed for the burial,
Returned to grieve.
Persistently seeking,
Stubbornly searching,
Love strong,
Desire deep,
Till she has grasped…

Mary Magdalene,
Called by name,
A sheep to the Shepherd,
Disciple of the Teacher,
Apostle of the Church,
Beloved of Love,
Daughter of God.

Stood for believers then,
Stands for us today,
Walk with her in our seeking,
Transcend with her in turning,
Finding meaning,
Knowing God,
Enjoying Life.

As darkness turns into light,
God is birthing,
Glory unfolding.
She has seen,
She has heard,
She has testified.
WORD is now
With us and in us.

For love is stronger than death.
Sorrow has turned into joy.
The wedding feast has just begun.
Seep in love! Sip the wine!
Dance with dignity!
Mother God, cheers!

Cheers to New Life!

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