by Julia Ong

(first posted August 2013)

Fed by a woman’s blood

Cradled in her placenta
Struggled out of her womb
insignificantly among the lowly
just like any baby
Fed thousands by Providence
Cared for by women friends
Struggled in the milieu of humanity
despicable among the condemned
just like any dissident
Fed his friends his flesh and blood
Embraced humanity with arms outstretched
Struggled through the Paschal mystery
Immanuel, God among us
unlike any child
Feeding us now from the Table
Yearning to commune in body and spirit
Craving for each face to encounter
the Image of God offered to be assimilated
calling forth The Dignity to emerge with “Amen”
What God is this?
whom we handle with our fingers?
who melts in our mouths?
gets digested in our guts?
come down so low to reach our mitochondria?
What God is this?
Who is so great to be so small?
What God is this God?
Julia, ij
August 2013

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