by Julia Ong

(first posted January 2014)

Was it not

when the reputation of the honourable Joseph

was most vulnerable

that his response to God was most just?


Was it not

when Mary’s virginity

was evidently questionable

that she was most true?


Was it not

when the Holy Family had left home,

found no place for birthing,

turned refugees,

that they could home Christ?


Humble was Christ born a babe,

great was the patronage of Joseph the Worker

who has apprenticed not only a tecton

but the Boy to become Man.


Holy was this Family

who had grown the Son of God

and brought up all of humanity

in realisation of their dignity.


Blessed be all alchemists in our lives

for stripping our ego

ripping our masks

to purify the gold of our heritage.


Blessed be the fragrance of prayers

in solidarity with persons in pain

in companion with people suffering

that has frankincensed our lives

to become priests sacrificed.


Blessed be the Cross,

the triumphant overcome

across the myrrhy Paschal bridge

to surface the clarity of holiness.


What an epiphany!

What a gift!

What grace!


Julia, ij


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