Selected papers from EWA’s 6th conference in 2013 are now available as a Kindle e-book in Amazon ( The selection on liberating power includes papers on clergy sexual abuse (based on the author’s own experience of pursuing a personal complaint against such abuse), the theology of wandering women (on women and migration), whether Jesus’ healing of the deaf man in Mark means deafness is a defect that should be corrected (author is a sign-language volunteer for more than 10 years). There is an essay on St. Paul’s “In Christ there is … no male or female…”, one on building the Church outside patriarchal structures, another on how patriarchal mindsets causes women leaders in the Church and in society to undermine each other. There’s an essay on the Catholic Church in China and how it is able to witness to the gospel despite state regulations and coercion. EWA doesn’t shy away from Queer theology so we have a paper that looks at how there is power in a transgender person’s different transformations on his/her way to becoming his/her true self. Included as an appendix is an essay about how handmade dolls without faces speak about people struggling to survive and how reflecting on these dolls have enabled others to tell their own stories of hardship and hope.

This is Ecclesia of Women in Asia’s first e-book and it is available in all countries where amazon is accessible. For Andrea Lizares Si, the editor who made the e-book publication possible, the publication is a long time dream come true.

Since EWA’s first conference in 2002, selections of papers for each conference (the 8th is on-going as of this writing) have been published as printed books that have limited availability even in the countries where they were published. Ebooks are the way of the future and the publication as e-books of EWA’s other volumes is being considered.

The editors are also working to make “Liberating Power” available as a Print-on-Demand paperback in

The Kindle e-book can be opened with the Kindle app (free download from amazon or googleplay) in a phone, tablet, or computer. An amazon account can be opened, even without a credit card. Amazon has thousands of e-books that are free at certain times or which are always free. Books that you can’t find in print in local bookstores are also likely to be available as ebooks that you can buy and immediately download.

To find the EWA 6 book in Amazon, please click on the link below:

Liberating Power: Asian Feminist Theological Perspectives

Or copy and paste the following in your browser’s address bar.

The book is available for free from January 17 to 19, 2018. The regular price is $9.99.

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