Asian Horizons, Dharmaram Journal of Theology

Vol. 14, No. 1, March 2020


Call for Papers

In his address on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the institution of the Synod of Bishops, Pope Francis pointed out that, “It is precisely this path of synodality which God expects of the Church of the third millennium.” In his vision, the Church is synodal at every level—everyone listening to each other, learning from each other and taking responsibility for the mission of the Church. The International Theological Commission, in document Synodality in the Life and Mission of the Church (2018) has developed further this concept of synodality.

Though synodality is not a new concept in itself, Pope Francis’ vision of synodality has given it new levels of meaning and new vitality for the life and mission of the Church. Church leaders and theologians have developed further Pope’s vision of synodality, but this vision and its practical implications are to be developed further.

March 2020 issue of Asian Horizons invites articles on “Synodal Church.”

Suggested Topics [only suggestions, not exhaustive]:

– Synodal Church: Understanding the Vision of Pope Francis

– Synodal Church: Biblical Foundations

– Synodal Church: Theological Foundations

– Vatican II Vision of Synodality

– Role of the Laity in the Synodal Church

– Authority in the Synodal Church

– Synodal Church and a more Participatory Church

– Synodal Church: A Model of the Church for the Third Millennium

– Proposals for Implementing Synodality at Various Levels of Church Administration and Life

– Women in a Synodal Church

– Models of Synodal Church

Please send your articles (4500-5000 words, including the footnotes) at the latest by 20 March 2020. Kindly include the abstract of the article in 150-200 words, 5-7 Keywords and a summary of the CV of the author in 100-150 words.

Other regular items: “New Scholars”: Abstract of doctoral theses (recently defended and not yet published); Reports and Statements of important conferences, Book Reviews.

For submitting the articles and for more details: Shaji George Kochuthara (editor-in-chief):

N.B. Kindly forward this to your friends and colleagues.

[Asian Horizons, published from DVK, is a forum for theological reflection in the Asian context marked by economic poverty, cultural diversity and religious plurality. Although the focus is on theological reflection in the context of Asia, we also address theological developments and concerns of the universal Church and try to dialogue with the Church in various contexts. Hence we welcome authors from all over the world. Asian Horizons was launched in 2007 as a biannual. From 2011 it is publishedas a quarterly. We have an editorial board consisting of members from India, other Asian countries and other continents.]

Asian Horizons: Themes 2020-2022


March: Synodal Church

June: Crisis in the Church: Asian Context and Responses

September: Artificial Intelligence: Theology and Ethics

December: Democracy: Challenges Today and Theological Responses


March: Authority in the Church

June: Climate Change: Theological Responses

September: Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding

December: Leadership


March: Eastern Catholic Churches: Challenges and Prospects

June: Christian Witness in the 21st Century

September: Catholic Education

December: Poverty

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