We would like to relay the following invitation from Kwok Pui-lan.

Course Title: Asian and Asian American Feminist Theologies

Instructor: Kwok Pui Lan and guest lecturers
Location: Online via Zoom
Dates: 5 Tuesdays, 8:00-9:30 pm EDT (US) (May 18-June 15, 2021)

Course Description:

This course introduces the development and issues in Asian and Asian American feminist theologies from a transnational perspective. It will focus on the emergence of feminist theologies, biblical studies on gender and class, Christian ethics and sexuality, interreligious learning and solidarity, and leadership and ministry. The course will identify commonalities and differences between Asian and Asian American feminist approaches in order to build better understanding and solidarity. Participants will gain new insights in doing theology and ministry in Asian and Asian American churches and communities. Each session will include a speaker from Asia and another from the United States.

Guest lecturers include Sharon A. Bong, Aruna Gnanadason, Zayn Kassam, Septemmy Lakawa, Boyung Lee, Maggie Low, Muriel Orevillo-MontenegroKeun-Joo Christine Pae, Gale A. Yee.

Don’t miss this chance of listening to 10 noted scholars, ministers, and leaders. Please help publicize the course. Registration is open and the fee is US$75, scholarships are available. 

Thank you, Pui Lan

Details and registration can also be found here. For inquiries, please email candlerfoundry@emory.edu.

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