EWA Coordinating Team and Support Team (2020-2022)

Coordinating Team Coordinator: Mary Yuen (Hong Kong)Assistant Coordinator: Rasika Pieris (Sri Lanka)Secretary: Patricia Santos (India)Treasurer: Genny Dumay (Philippines)Consultants: Agnes Brazal (Philippines), Evelyn Monteiro (India), Kristine Meneses (Philippines)  Support Team Web Coordinator: Rae Sanchez (Philippines)Joint Treasurer: Agnes Brazal (Philippines)Book Editors (EWA 9 - to be published): Mary Yuen and Regina Wolfe (USA)

EWA’s Herstory

In a historic attempt at making Asian Catholic women seen and heard, women theologians from all over Asia gathered at the WE-Train International House, Bangkok, Thailand, for a five-day conference (24th-29th November 2002) entitled “Ecclesia of Women in Asia: Gathering the Voices of the Silenced”. The dream to hold the EWA conference was born twelve … Continue reading EWA’s Herstory